AI recruitment software

The new generation recruitment software

Everything you need for maximum recruitment results thanks to the power of AI. Experience applications like never before by automating your workflows. Manage candidates and job listings clearly in one place and share your vacancies with the world's best job boards.

AI recruitment software

Trusted by the world's most leading hiring platforms

Attract more & better candidates

More applicants in less time

One-click job posting

Publish your vacancies with just one click on over 5000 job boards for maximum visibility and reach.

More applications thanks to smart data

Ongoing job listings are continuously optimized for maximum visibility and appeal.

Utilize AI's potential in recruitment

Jaicob's AI automates manual tasks, provides insights into your recruitment results, and conducts 24/7 recruitment.

A constant stream of applications for your job listings

Never miss out on candidates again

Ultra-fast response time

Immediate contact with candidates thanks to automating manual tasks.

Unique candidate experience

Provide a customized experience for all your candidates and enhance your brand image.

Higher quality applications

Identify talent faster with automated pre-screenings.

One system. Endless possibilities.

All-in-one solution

Goodbye to separate tools. With Jaicob, everything you need is integrated into one solution.

Reduces recruitment costs

Jaicob lowers recruitment costs with intelligent, data-driven AI decision-making.

Join forces with your team

Collaborate seamlessly with your team members, promoting efficient recruitment and teamwork.

A constant stream of applications for your job listings


Faster hiring


Lower cost-per-hire


More applications


Higher quality applications

Guaranteed success with these numbers

Elevate your recruitment to the highest level with Jaicob's unique integration of AI and automation.

Number of pre-screenings done by an average recruiter is 4 per hour, while Jaicob did 4,000 per hour. Making it 1000x faster.

Meet your new recruitment software

Automate your workflows

Automatically generate top-notch vacancies, screen candidates, and streamline workflows for efficiency.

Enhanced candidate experience

Enhance the candidate experience with AI by providing a personalized and seamless application process.

Lower recruitment costs

Reduce costs through data-driven optimization and automation of the recruitment process.

Enhance your brand image

Enhance your brand image with a streamlined and personalized recruitment process that showcases your organization as an attractive employer.

Executing recruitment 24/7

Keep your process moving smoothly with Jaicob's AI, ensuring candidates receive instant responses, any time of day.

Get more applications instantly

With more appealing job postings and wider reach than ever before, you'll receive instant applications for all your positions.

Start today with the future of recruitment

AI in recruitment is the future. Embrace the latest developments and discover how this can make your recruitment process more enjoyable and efficient.

AI's precision, human's perception crafting tomorrow’s recruitment